Spanish Course for Expats in Buenos Aires Francais Spanish Course for Expats in Buenos Aires Spanish Course for Expats in Buenos Aires Spanish Course for Expats in Buenos Aires Curso de español para Expats en Buenos Aires Spanish Course for Expats in Buenos Aires

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Spanish Course for Expats in Buenos Aires

Expanish is happy to announce a new program called "Spanish Course for Expats", a less intensive, night class that meets once a week. Each module lasts 4 weeks and students can do just one module or continue with class year round.

The Course

This Spanish course is specifically for busy expats living in Buenos Aires who need a less intensive group Spanish course to continue improving their language skills

What to expect

Students will take a Spanish language exam to place them into a group with students of the same level

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in our Expanish activities like student dinners, neighborhood tours, wine tastings and more

Our high-quality academics and student services are second to none and students can expect a meaningful classroom experience with real lanuage progression.

Our support staff is here to help students with any doubts they have whether it is academic related or not. The international team that works at Expanish is friendly and knowledgable.


Expanish has created specialized textbooks for our night classes and students are requiered to purchase these materials separately.

Calculadora de Preços


Calculadora de Preços

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O Que Está Incluído?

  • Teste de Nivelamento de Espanhol
  • Pacote de Boas-vindas
  • Livro didático de espanhol
  • Telefone de emergência 24 horas
  • Atividades Grátis
  • WiFi e Acesso a Computadores com Internet
  • Tour pelo Centro da Cidade
  • Cartão de Benefícios do Estudante
  • Orientação
  • Certificado do Curso de Espanhol
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Informações Básicas

Start Dates: Beginning of every month

Nível de Espanhol: From beginner to high intermediate / advanced

Duração: 4 weeks

Intensity: 3 hours per week

Cronograma: Wednesdays from 7pm to 10pm

Average Group Size: 6

Start Dates

October: 7th, 2015

November: 4th, 2015

December: 2nd, 2015

January: 6th, 2016

February: 3rd, 2016

March: 2nd, 2016

April: 6th, 2016*

May: 4th, 2016*

June: 1st, 2016

July: 6th, 2016

August: 3rd, 2016


Classes will not be held on Argentine holidays, but rather made up at a previously confirmed date during the month. Start dates marked with an astrix (*) will have a date change due to a holiday.

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