Living together with Argentine hosts

As a student of Expanish, you might be thinking: “where am I going to live in Buenos Aires and what kind of accommodation suits me?” Not knowing where you are gonna stay and what to …

Los mejores barrios para alojarse en Buenos Aires – Versiòn Español

La ciudad de Buenos Aires es amplia y basta, y ofrece todo tipo de atracciones en cada rincón. Sin embargo, para aquellas personas que vienen a hospedarse por unos meses, ya sea para estudiar o trabajar, necesitan hospedarse en un barrio céntrico, que les permita tanto movilizarse para recorrer, como para recurrir a las instituciones y cumplir con sus obligaciones diarias.

The best neighborhoods to stay in Buenos Aires

The city of Buenos Aires is wide and complete. It offers all types of attractions in every corner. Nonetheless, those who come to stay for a few months, whether to study or work, need to stay at a “centric” neighborhood. This will allow them to move freely, be able to tour around the city, and get to their daily responsibilities without any trouble.

Hostel Guide Buenos Aires

When you travel to a new city, there is always the question where will you stay? The accommodation of your stay is essential to have a good time. It is the place where you make new friends, where you find interesting activities to do, where you find people to explore the new city and of course where you should feel comfortable. When you travel, you always need an accommodation unless you have friends or family where you can stay.