Expanish Film Club: Medianeras (2011)

The opening scene of the 2011 Argentine film Medianeras (“Sidewalls”) is an homage to the unique architectural structures of the sprawling city of Buenos Aires. Beautifully filmed, Medianeras offers viewers a picture of what life …

Must-see Argentinian Films

Planning a trip to the cine or ready for a night in with Netflix? The following films are among the top-grossing and highest-rated movies from Argentina. El Secreto de Sus Ojos and Diarios de Motocicleta …

Just Tango On – Scent of a Woman Review

In Buenos Aires, all the tango lovers are familiar with Carlos Gardel, and his classic tango music "Por una Cabeza". It is not only a beautiful song to dance with, but also the directors’ favorite incidental music for movies. You must hear it in the famous Schindler's list or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s True lies. But for me, the best version of this song is interpreted in the movie Scent of a woman by Al Pacino.

Expanish Cinema Club Listings – June 2011

Expanish Blog's latest installment of Expanish Cinema Club. As winter sets in in Argentina, it's the perfect time to take advantage of our free cinema club, and enjoy learning Spanish whilst taking in some Argentine culture.

Expanish Cinema Club Listings – May 2011

Expanish Spanish School in Buenos Aires, continues its popular free Spanish Cinema Club in May. The idea of the Spanish language Cinema Clube is to expose Spanish students and learners to Spanish films to aid Spanish language learning in an enjoyable and engaging way. Movies are shown in Spanish with Spanish subtitles to aid comprehension and attendees will get the chance to discuss the film in Spanish afterwards with Expanish's Spanish teachers.