Expanish Cultural Spanish Course offers a unique way to learn Spanish and explore South American culture while in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What Does the Cultural Spanish Course Offer?

The Cultural Spanish course consists of 20 hours of regular group classes and 4 hours of individual cultural classes. The course allows you to discover the culture of Latin America through the analysis and study of art, literature, history, and traditions of the region. This course focuses on the most important cultural aspects related to Latin America with a special focus on Argentina. We offer four different modules that each focus on a different theme. Choose what interests you most! Due to the academic nature of the classes, we recommend students have a Spanish level of A2 or higher.

Who Should Take the Cultural Spanish Course?

Anyone who wants to gain valuable insight and knowledge of Argentine culture is welcome to take the Cultural Spanish course. Learning Spanish and South American culture in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a rewarding experience for all ages. Buenos Aires is a bustling city full of history and interesting customs that you will be able to see and try for yourself through Expanish’s award-winning classes and the numerous activities at Expanish and around the city. It’s also a wonderful spot to travel and explore South America when your course has finished. We can even help you plan!

What Should I Expect in the Classroom?

We have developed four different modules of cultural classes, which are designed to frame the material that students will cover throughout the week. You will participate in the Intensive Spanish 20 course which is Monday through Friday, 9 am to 12:50 pm. Then during two afternoons of the week, you will hone in on Argentine culture in One-to-One lessons. The specific content of each module may differ slightly depending on the student’s language level.

Learn Spanish and South American culture in Buenos Aires with the following available modules:

Spanish and Customs covers:

  • The origins and the evolution of the Spanish language from a linguistic and historical perspective.
  • The language’s Latin roots and the different varieties of the language found around Latin America today.
  • The development of slang in Buenos Aires.
  • The uses of the language in the lyrics of traditional music from Argentina, such as tango and folklore.

Art and Architecture covers:

  • The most prominent artistic forms and architectural movements of Buenos Aires and of Latin America’s other most important cities.
  • The notable Spanish and French influences found in Latin American art through a discussion of the important ways in which immigration has influences artistic expression in South America.

History and Literature covers:

  • The most important historical events of Argentina’s recent history (19th century to the present) and their significance for Latin America as a whole.
  • The independence movements of the 19th century, the era of dictatorships in the 20th century, and the return to democracy beginning in the 1980s.
  • The importance of literature during this period and the ways in which historic events affected and shaped literary movements in South America.

Culture and Civilization covers:

  • The important traditions and customs that define this culture’s rare mixture of indigenous traditions and European influences.
  • Important celebrations, typical foods and their cultural significance, as well as cultural icons both from history and recent times.
  • Discussions about the significance of mate, asado, and empanadas within Argentine culture and also an analysis of famous personalities such as Fidel Castro, Evita and Juan Perón, and Diego Maradona.

Sample Week Chart

Writing Prompts
Historical Events of Argentina
Multimedia Visuals
Tango Class
Mock Interactions
Development of Slang
in Buenos Aires
Verbs + Vocabulary
Phonetics Workshop
Wine Tasting
Estancia Day
Polo Game

What’s Included

  • Welcome pack
  • Spanish Course Book
  • A selection of immersion activities
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • Academic activities
  • Benefit card
  • Orientation
  • City Center Tour
  • WiFi and Computers with Internet Access

Quick Facts

  • Program: 24 hours per week (20 hours group classes + 4 hours private cultural classes)
  • Start dates: Every Monday
  • Spanish level: A2 or Higher
  • Duration: Minimum 1 Week
  • Average group size: 6 People
  • Schedule: Group lessons from 9am to 12:50pm or from 2pm to 5:50pm. Private Business lessons are 2 classes per week arranged according to availability.
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Jane | Australia

Excellent Exciting Extraordinary Expanish!!!

I'm the academic manager at Discover English, a high quality English language school in Melbourne, Australia, so I feel pretty well qualified to provide an assessment of Expanish. And I absolutely loved my experience there! The school has a great atmosphere due to the lovely, genuine, helpful staff. Reception is always ready with a smile to assist you in whichever way you need, the admin staff make the enrolment process a piece of cake and give an awesome orientation, both to Expanish and BA. The teachers go to every effort to make the classes interesting, motivating, easy to understand and will always give you extra help in the breaks and after class. Gabriel, the academic manager, makes it his business to know every student who is attending and ensures they are happy and getting the most out of their study experience. The school fosters a holistic Spanish-learning experience by providing a range of excellent extra curricula activities lead by the teachers, such as excursions to places in BA eg La Boca, tango lessons, mate drinking, nights out and much more. These activities are a great way to practise your Spanish in a less structured environment, to make friends with students from other classes and to get exposure to the culture of BA. The school is in a great central location and facilities themselves are excellent. It has well-sized classrooms filled with natural light, a lovely big colourful common area, computers to use and nice clean bathrooms and tearoom. There is lots of information on the notice boards about things to do in BA as well as the school's own activities, and coffee, snacks and water available. The learning materials provided in class are comprehensive and extremely useful. The school also generously provides extra classes the day after a public holiday. May is a wise time to visit as it's low season and classes are very small, meaning you get to know your classmates very well, have lots of opportunity to speak in class and get a great deal of attention from your teachers. Last but not least, the people you meet at Expanish are terrific. They are all genuinely there to learn Spanish and have a good time. And there is a nice age range so older learners like me don't feel awkward. I had such a fantastic time Expanish...I couldn't recommend it more highly!!