The course was especially designed for professionals who want to learn Spanish with the objective to use the language at their job site. Take the next step in your career with the Business Spanish course!

The Business Spanish course was imagined for business professionals who need the language in order to communicate in their workplace. That’s why we base the teaching plan around Spanish used on a daily basis within the office. You are exposed to specific vocabulary and idioms from a professional environment, so that at the end of the course you can interact naturally with colleagues and Spanish-speaking clients.
To ensure a solid understanding and internalization of the content, the course is divided into two main sections: 20 group Spanish lessons per week and 4 individual classes of business Spanish. This allows you to take an integral approach to the language while also being able to practice scenarios from the group class, clear specific questions and perfect the language in a personalized way.

Who is it designed for?

We consider this course relevant for professionals who understand that speaking Spanish is becoming more and more important in an increasingly globalized market. If you consider Spanish language skills relevant to business, this course is for you. Being able to function properly in an important business meeting with people from Latin America or Spain can be the next step to take your career or your company to the next level.

Why take the Business Spanish course?

  • More than 500 million people speak Spanish throughout the world.
  • It’s the second most-used language in international communication and one of the three official languages of the United Nations.
  • One in every 10 residents of North America speak Spanish at home.
  • The ability to speak a second language is becoming increasingly sought-after.
  • Emerging countries such as Argentina and Chile are becoming important global business partners.

What are classes like?

To get a closer look at what you can learn in the Business Spanish class in Barcelona, here are some examples of the study plan.

Module 1: The company

  • Explanation of the roles on a team and work descriptions within a company
  • Specific vocabulary of a professional business environment
  • Professions and commercial activities
  • Common expressions for presenting yourself and interacting with colleagues
  • Greetings and formal expressions in conversation and written language

Module 2: The job search

  • Preparing your CV and cover letter
  • Job interviews
  • How to express agreement and disagreement with others in the workplace
  • Justify an idea or proposal
  • Reading and understanding job descriptions

Module 3: An important business meeting

  • How to give and ask for information
  • Requesting and preparing briefs
  • Advising on investments
  • How to express doubts or probabilities taking facts and results into account
  • Referring to hypothetical investment situations
  • Texts on business economics

Module 4: The work trip

  • Seminars and conferences
  • Useful expressions for organizing company events or meetings outside of the office
  • Planning and meetings
  • Travel vocabulary
  • Globalization and European markets
  • Oral comprehension and the practice of specific topics that interest the student
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