If you are a doctor or medical student and are interested in learning Spanish that applies to your career, get ready to take the Medical Spanish course in the wonderful city of Barcelona.

What does the Medical Spanish course consist of?

The course consists of 20 group lessons and 4 hours of individual Spanish classes per week. This structure creates an integral language-learning environment by combining conversation, reading and listening during the group classes and focusing on your precise needs during the individual classes.
In Expanish, we understand that the healthcare field has its different specialties, so we are committed to providing you with specific knowledge in the area that is relevant to your daily practice. That’s why, by the end of the course, you will be able to interact comfortably with colleagues and patients who speak Spanish. Plus, by living in Barcelona, you become familiar with the culture of the city and its nuances.

Who is the course for?

Medical Spanish in Barcelona is perfect for those who work in the medical field: nurses, doctors, medical students, medical visitors and other related professionals.
Healthcare professionals who speak multiple languages often have more advantages and job opportunities, a key point for doctors and nurses who want to progress in their careers. The Medical Spanish course can be your next step.

What does the study plan consist of?

So you have a better idea of the content seen during the program, below are some study plans you can use as a frame of reference:

The medical consultation in Spanish

  • Presentation with patients
  • Clinical history
  • How to guide a consultation/study
  • How to communicate a diagnosis

Medical vocabulary in Spanish

  • General medical vocabulary (the body, ailments, etc)
  • Vocabulary of specific areas (dentistry, pharmacy, etc)

Las conferencias médicas / Medical conferences

  • How to present research in front of groups
  • Conversations with colleagues in social situations
  • Travel vocabulary
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