Spanish for Teachers is the perfect program for those who teach Spanish as a foreign language.

Who is it for?

The program is perfect for Spanish speakers around the world, native or not, who teach Spanish as a second language or foreign language. In order to participate in the course, it is an exclusive condition that students possess a C1 level following The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
Those who decide to participate in the program should be interested in not only to improving in the language, but also grasping practical knowledge on the management of a classroom and acquiring new methodologies.

What are the course dates?


The next start dates for the course are:

  • July 2nd, 2018 (two weeks in duration)
  • July 16th, 2018 (two weeks in duration)

Course structure

The course is divided into two main modules: theoretical and practical learning as an assistant professor. With a total of 50 hours, 40 are allocated to theoretical classes where the student learns practical and didactic knowledge of the classroom, theoretical and methodological bases, and education about the preparation of work material to accompany teaching methods. In the remaining 10 hours, the student works as an auxiliary teacher in Expanish classes, where he / she applies everything learned in the theoretical class, delving into the challenges of a classroom with multicultural students and varying Spanish levels.

Course content

The Spanish for Teachers program is based on the theoretical framework of different teaching methods of Español como Lengua Extranjera (ELE) and seeks to familiarize students with different communicative strategies within the classroom. The objective is that you can structure your own ELE classes through various resources offered throughout the program, namely:

Class structure

  • Managing teacher-student relations
  • Identifying and teaching different learning methods in students
  • Presentation of grammar and vocabulary
  • Preparing and adapting teaching materials
  • Using images, audio and video
  • Productively incorporate games and educational activities in the classroom
  • Distinguishing and correcting common errors and mistakes
  • Evaluating student progress


Method of Evaluation and Certification

The course evaluations consist of a final exam and two practical presentations. The latter consist of putting together a sample class together with its corresponding didactic material (physical and visual). Attendance and punctuality is another point that should be evaluated, with 80% attendance for the theoretical classes and 100% for the practice. At the end of the program, each student receives an official certificate proving their participation in the course.

Course commitment

It’s extremely important that future students understand the commitment required to participate in this course, both inside and outside the classroom. The program requires constant dedication during the program in order to see results.
Price for the two-week program: €490

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