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Expanish will introduce you the uniforms of France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan and New Zealand. Personal opinion, Most fashionable uniforms in the game! Let’s get the second round delegation group fashion parade started NOW!


Best Sports: Athletics, Cycling, Fencing

Medal total: 637

Total Games Appearances: all 26 summer Olympic Games

France took the classic blazer and pants or skirt for girls, and added a bit more of a modern twist. It’s truly where fashion started, no matter what they wear; the rest of the world follows their lead.


Best Sports: Athletics, Canoeing and Equestrian

Medal Total: 1260 (Combined medals of modern Germany,East Germany,West Germany and the Unified Team of Germany)

Total Games Appearances: 23

Germany presents with shiny plastic blue and pink jackets, printed colored scarves. The uniform is collaboration between Sioux and Bogner.


Best Sports: Swimming, Cycling, Water polo, Field hockey and Rowing

Medal Total: 248

Total Games Appearances: 24

Holland’s uniforms incorporate a vintage look while proudly displaying the traditional Dutch Orange (Orange is the color of the Dutch Royal Family), SuitSupply is the company that designed this bold and distinctive look.


Best Sport: Fencing, Cycling and Athletics

Medal Total: 522

Total Games Appearances: 25

Italy invites famous designer Georgio Armani for its fashion status. The simple athletic look is very impressive, and the lyrics of Italian National Anthem on the inside of the jackets are another bonus!


Best Sports: Running track

Medal total: 53

Total Games Appearances: 15

Jamaican’s uniform is designed by Bob Marley daughter Cedella Marley, there is no doubt that her dad will be proud. The bright color combinations and fine cutting fresh up the Olympic air.


Best Sports: Judo, Gymnastics, Swimming and Wrestling

Medal Total: 360

Total Games Appearances: 20

The red and grey blazer, white single pleat pant brings Japan a lot of sharpness.

New Zealand:

Best Sports: Swimming, Sailing, Rowing and Equestrian

Medal Total: 86

Total Games Appearances: 21

Rodd & Gunn’ s collection forNew Zealand inherits the vintage look in late 40’s and early 50’s. Hats off to this lovely uniform line.

Part III is coming up on Thursday, stay in tune!