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Keeping up the Olympic Uniform Contest! In the last part of this series, have a look with Expanish at the Olympic outfits of Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, and USA.


Best Sports: Athletics, Gymnastics, and Wrestling

Medal Total: 316

Total Games Appearances: 7

Russia’s uniform is a simple sporty shell coat, featuring a stylized, swirling print, which designed by the Russian Giant Bosco.

South Africa:

Best Sport: Boxing, Athletics, Swimming, Long Jump

Medal Total: 70

Total Games Appearances: 17

The uniform of South Africa comes from Leigh Schubert, an African fashion designer who born and raised in Durban. She was inspired by the symbol and dynamic colors of their national flag.

South Korea:

Best Sport: Combat Sports, Archery

Medal Total: 215

Total Games Appearances: 15

South Korea’s ceremonial uniform inherits the style of old uniform (which was worn in 1948), sailor scarves and striped t-shirts make the uniform qualify as cool and fashionable.


Best Sports: Sailing, Cycling, Tennis, Soccer

Medal Total: 115

Total Games Appearances: 21

Saúl Craviotto, a Spanish gold medal-winning canoeist, tweeted a pic of himself with the uniform, “En casa probándome la ropa de los JJOO!yo mejor no opino, os lo dejo a vosotros…”  (trying on the clothes for the Olympics! I better not comment, so I’ll leave it to you…”)

Poor Spain, due to the economic crisis, Spain outsources their uniform to the Russian company Bosco, however, when Spanish people choose affordability over the design itself, they get what they pay for. The whole country complained about the look of the outfit, and joked the uniform looks like ketchup and mustard had a terrible fight.

U.S.A :

Best Sports: Athletics, Swimming, Shooting, Diving, Boxing, Basketball and Gymnastics.

Medal Total: 2291

Total Games Appearances: 25

Ralph Lauren takes the US uniform to an elegant level; it features the typical navy blazer with white pants or skirt, and a beret, very American! US Congressmen was upset by the fact that the uniforms were made in China. “Put them in a big pile and burn them”, said by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and a Chinese press replied with “The Olympics spirit is all about separating sports from politics, but these U.S. Politicians are going too far and trying to force a political tag onto the uniforms”. With the 2012 presidential elections draw closer, the word “made-in-china” becomes more and more sensitive to the U.S. election candidates.