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Pass the Locro, Hot Chocolate, and Churro’s Please!

On the 25th of this month, Argentina will be celebrating El Día de La Revolución de Mayo, a holiday celebrating the very first independent government in Buenos Aires, releasing itself from the Spanish rule, dating all the way back to 1810. This is a special day for Argentina and its rise in independence over the centuries. Students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires will have certainly heard about this day and should be sure to partake in the celebration.

For now, we are putting all politics aside and mentioning three of the most traditional foods that are eaten on the 25th as a way to bring families and friends together and remember the history of Argentina.

Locro is an Argentine stew that is originally from the Andes but has spread across the great country and is now also known as the meal to be eaten on the 25th of May. How do you make this delicious stew? Prepare it just as you would a regular stew, with the ingredients below

Locro Recipe

Sweet potatoes

Argentines’ are also known to indulge in hot chocolate and churros on this day, either for breakfast or a late afternoon snack.

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate, called a Submarino in Argentina, can be made with Agila(brand) chocolate sticks, available at any local supermarket.


Churro on the other hand is a delicious snack made of flour, butter, sugar, and eggs, which then is rolled into a tube like form, deep fried, and often filled with dulce de leche or sprinkled with cinnamon.

Students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires should definitely take advantage of this special holiday and join some Argentine friends or family and enjoy the delicious cuisine that comes along with it.