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If you are a student planning to study Spanish in Buenos Aires or if you are already studying in Buenos Aires, there are a few facts that you should know, ensuring a safe, exciting, and unforgettable stay in Argentina.

1. Embrace the Love.

The culture of Argentine’s is warm, kind, social, and sometimes in-your-face, borderline creeping into your pizza slice (meaning stepping too far into your personal space).  Us foreigners from more northern countries are a little more reserved, referred to as ‘frios’ in Argentina, and sometimes the extreme social level can shock us, such as close proximity speaking, touching, or welcome kisses. Loosen Up! Take advantage of these social norms, speak with people you meet, be loud, talk a lot, learn about the locals, and I guarantee you will get more from your experience here than you ever imagined.

2. Don’t try to walk and look at things at the same time.

One of the best pieces of advice I received when I moved to Argentina was to always look down at the sidewalk when you are walking on it. 2 reasons: one, the sidewalks in Argentina are often broken, have parts missing, or have extra concrete pieces sticking out of the ground, a sure way to break your neck. Two, Argentine’s love their dogs but they do not love picking up after their dogs, so there is a lot of dog doo doo on the sidewalks. Enough said.

3.Forget everything your mother ever told you.

Who ever said you need vegetables in your diet anyway? Argentina’s beautiful mix of bread, meat, wine, cheese, and icecream will give you more than the 5 foods groups ever will. I am not sure if that is completely true, but Argentines do not seem to be any less healthy than the rest of us, so go ahead, and indulge.

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