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Welcome back!

Last week, we featured the 3 tips every student studying in Buenos Aires should know…part 1, and this week we are continuing with part 2.   These tips are meant to guide students during their time abroad in Buenos Aires and give them a little insight into the Argentine way of life.  Buenos Aires is one of the most fascinating countries in Latin America, an incredible place to travel and visit, and an extraordinary place to create unforgettable memories.

4.      Watch your toes when crossing city streets.

Crossing the street in Buenos Aires is a learning experience on its own. Cars, buses, and motorcyclists drive fast in Buenos Aires, take sharp turns, and more often than not, somehow manage to squeeze 4 vehicles into two lane roads.  Pedestrians, in general, do not have the right of way and if you are crossing the road it is best to let each vehicle pass you until you cross. Better yet, stick with the other Argentines that are crossing the road, for safe and happy crossings.

5.      Takin’ the bus…

The bus system in Buenos Aires is fantastic, easy, and cheap, a great way to travel around the city.  There are two things you need to know to successfully take the bus: First, you have tell the driver how much you will pay or where you are going; there are set rates, so let them know before you start inserting coins. Women, children, and the elderly are always first; make sure to give up your seat to someone that looks like they could use it more than you!

6.      Save your change.

There is a shortage of coinage and everybody is looking for change; you may actually be denied a purchase if you cannot provide the proper change!  So, hold on to those small notes and coins you receive and use them sparingly.