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Welcome back!

Last week, we featured the 3 tips every student studying in Buenos Aires should know…part 2, and this week we are continuing with part 3.   These helpful tips are meant to help adjust students to living in Buenos Aires, give them a little insight into how things work in this fabulous, and make the adjustment to a new culture a little easier.
‘Money, Money, Money’

7.    When wining and dining in Buenos Aires, you will soon discover how many fantastic restaurants there are scattered throughout this city and if you are visiting these restaurants, you will discover how great the food is and, on foreign currency, very affordable. So, once you have finished your delectable meal, you may be ready to leave…unlike many North American and European countries, Argentine’s do not offer you the bill.  You must ask for it. If you never ask for your bill you will simply never get it. So, if you are ready to go, a simple ‘la cuenta por favour!’ will do the trick!

8.    Unfortunately, Argentina has some problems with fake money and on occasion this fake money even makes it into the bank, through the bank machine, and into your hand. Otherwise, it is passed along the streets, stores, etc.  When you receive money, a quick check is recommended: Feel the paper, it should be stiff. Rub your nail along the persons clothing on the bill, if there are ridges, you are all good.

9.    Only take with you as much money as you need and if you do not need your credit card, do not take it with you. Do not carry $400 pesos because you have it, take what you need and leave the rest at home. This goes for any big city where there are more opportunities for stranger’s hands to get lost in your pockets or bags.