Buenos Aires is one of the Latin America’s most fabulous, eccentric, and exciting cosmopolitan cities, and has managed to still stay affordable, even since its growth spurt after the 2001 economic crisis, for travellers with foreign currencies. Now, that is to say that Buenos Aires is still a big city and some things are relative to the big city life, but you can still find great and necessary buys for little money.

Studying Spanish in Buenos Aires and Looking to Spend Your Money Wisely?

To prove that theory, below are 5 Everyday Things You Can Buy with 5 Pesos in Buenos Aires.

1.    A Long Distance Calling Card.
Call home! For 5 pesos you can buy a calling card that will give you about 40 minutes to talk with friends and family.

2.    2 Miga Sandwiches.
These delectable little sandwiches look like pressed sandwiches, filled with things like ham, cheese, egg, pepperoni, etc, and are perfect for a mid day snack.

3.    Transportation (Subway, Train, Bus)
For 5 pesos you can buy about 4-5 one way tickets on either a subway, train, or bus, throughout the city.

4.  An Alfajor
The most famous Argentine cookie around, this delicious combination of shortbread plus filling of dulce de leche or chocolate, caramel, etc, is a great buy for less than 5 pesos.

5.     A Guia-T
The best transportation guide for buses in Buenos Aires, this is a must have for anyone traveling through or living in Buenos Aires. The Guia-T has a map of every part of the city and outside of the city, detailed information on every bus and its route, and best of all, is easy to read and easy to use. A steal for 5 pesos!

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