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If you have come to study Spanish in Buenos Aires, you have made the right choice. Buenos Aires, a city of more than 13 million people, is one of the most beautiful, eclectic, and activity rich cities in Latin America. Students taking Spanish classes in Argentina will not only learn the beautiful Spanish language through Spanish immersion in Buenos Aires but will also be able to indulge in the many wonders of Buenos Aires.

To make it easy, here are 5 immediate ‘Must Do’s’ for those students taking Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires!

1)Take Mate to the Park: There is no better way to feel Argentine or to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires than to head to a local park, drink Mate (a hot drink similar to a bitter tea), and chat with other locals. Great practice after your Spanish classes in Buenos Aires with Expanish!

2)Check out the Argentine buried past: You haven’t really experienced a cemetery before you visit the Cementerio de Recoleta (Recoleta Cemetery). This labyrinth of a cemetery is not only home to the tombs of many famous, historical, or influential Argentines, it is also where you can find Eva Peron’s flower covered tomb. Students taking Spanish classes in Buenos Aires can see the cemetery in the Weekly City Cultural Tours.

3)Tour Buenos Aires on the 152: The number 152 bus starts in the underprivileged neighborhood of La Boca, passes through the newest and most wealthy barrio of Puerto Madero, on to the city centre, the Palermo, Belgrano, and finishes its journey in the affluent northern neighborhood of Olivos. Students finishing their Spanish classes in Buenos Aires can jump on the 152 every 15 minutes or so at the many designated bus stops along its route.

4)Eat a Triple Scoop Gelato: Argentina is known for its mouth-watering gelato found in the hundreds of helado shops located throughout the city. It should be said that a student who takes their Spanish immersion in Buenos Aires seriously will see this as more than an ice cream run but rather a cultural experience.

5)Watch a sidewalk Tango show: Check out a sidewalk tango show in the historical neighborhood of San Telmo where tango dancers perform in the streets for pedestrians. Feeling inspired? Students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires at Expanish can sign up for tango lessons held throughout the week.

These five must-sees are a great start for students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires to get to know the city. Check back for more great ways to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires and how get the most out of your Spanish immersion in Argentina.

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