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Studying Spanish in Buenos Aires gives students the opportunity to travel to and experience one of the most sophisticated, multi-facetted, and diverse cities in all of Latin America, where there is as much to do in the day time as the night time, and where city attractions are found on almost every corner.

Buenos Aires is known for its rich culture, famous artists, and long devotion to the arts in Latin America, a few of the reasons why Buenos Aires is home to so many spectacular galleries and museums.  If you are studying Spanish in Buenos Aires and are interested in taking your studies out of the classroom to discover the art and culture of both Argentina and Latin America, this is the guide for you:

A Guide to the Best Museum’s in Buenos Aires

Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415
This is one of the most popular museums in the city, not only for its wide array of classic pieces of art work from painters like Frida Kahlo, but also for its unique and exciting contemporary and modern art exhibits, changing constantly.

Museo Nacional Bellas Artes
Av. del Libertador 1473
This holds hundreds of classic pieces of both Latin American and International Artists. This is the biggest museum in the city, located in Recoleta.

Museo Xul Solar
Laprida 1212.
This is a museum dedicated to the artist Xul Solar, actually located in the artists’ old house, and is colourful collection of his very unique and oftentimes strange paintings and sculptures.

Museo de Motivos Argentinos José Hernandez
Av. del Libertador 2373
Full of gaucho artefacts, history of mate tea, and information about Argentine history, this museum is a fun visit.

Casa Museo Carlos Gardel
Jean Jaures 735 (Abasto)
This museum is built into the house of the most famous tango singer that ever lived and a must for anyone visiting Argentina.