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One of my favorite things about Buenos Aires is the hustle and bustle of the city. However, after two and half months of big city living, I was ready to take advantage of the holiday weekend and escape to a Polo estancia (farm) to reconnect with nature.

Fortunately, my friends and I found a wonderful, La Manea, only about 40 minutes outside of the city. Immediately upon arrival, the feeling of relaxation overcame us. I am sure that it was a mixture of the fresh air, peaceful grounds, a pig named Carlos Antonio, a dozen stunning horses, and of course our wonderful host Fabian.

We began our first day with cabalgatas (horseback riding) along with a nice long path, with beautiful views of farm land, a lake, and nothing for miles. My stunning horse was “El General,” who was only 4 years old and known as a very good polo player. The ride was serene and relaxing, just what I needed. Slightly before dawn, we took the horses back out and were able to get them into a full gallop! I can´t even begin to describe the feeling of riding a powerful horse with the wind blowing in your hair, priceless. The next day, we even got a chance to swing around el taco (mallet) and see just how difficult polo truly is…. leaving me with a new found respect for the sport! (Not that I ever thought it would be easy!)

For more information about La Manea, speak to Milva on reception at Expanish, who can book you in for your very own Polo experience. Or visit La Manea´s website