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Studying Spanish in Buenos Aires during the summer months?

Summer has arrived in the city of Buenos Aires and the locals are already taking advantage of the warm weather, enjoying dinner on an outside patio or terrace, sipping wine or coffee, until the late hours of the night.

If you are a learning Spanish in Buenos Aires during the summer months, you are lucky to see the city’s vibrant nightlife and witness the dining culture that makes Buenos Aires so unique. To take advantage of the warm weather, eating outside is simply a must, and here are three of Buenos Aires best restaurants with outside seating in Palermo.

Congo – Honduras 5329

Located in the charming neighbourhood of Palermo, this funky restaurant/bar has an incredible outdoor patio, surrounded by tall trees, plant, small lights, and an outside bar. Considered one of the best outdoor resto/bars in the city, Congo matches its spectacular atmosphere with delicious fusion cuisine and innovative cocktails. Come here on any Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, and the place will be packed.

Olsen – Gorriti 5870

This Scandinavian gem is hidden behind a large wooden fence in the heart of Palermo Hollywood. Once you enter, a garden spreads out before the restaurant, with small tables scattered throughout the grass, trees, and plants. Complimented by small outdoor lights, dining outside at Olsen is truly enjoyable, the opportune time to relax in the garden while feasting on rich Scandinavian dishes, such as smoked fish, and tasting their 40 plus selection of vodkas.

Carnel – Niceto Vega 5511

This hip restaurant bar has a fantastic inside but is famous for its rooftop terrace, complete with tiki lights, tropical plants, and a dark, reggae music filled atmosphere. The drinks are great, made at the terrace bar, and the food is interesting and eclectic, plus well priced.  A great place to first dine, and later dance on the terrace as the place fills up with young trendsetters.

Enjoy this summer in Buenos Aires!