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As a Spanish student in Buenos Aires you are very familiar with the locals’ love affair with Argentine beef, empanadas, pizza, and pasta.

While it is not as easy to pick up a salad as say an empanada, there are many other great  types of cuisine out there for you to choose from.

When studying Spanish in Buenos Aires you want to become familiar with the culture, but there are always those pieces of home that you miss, and for many people it is typically family and food.  A great aspect of Buenos Aires being such a huge and metropolitan city is that you find people from all over the world here who have opened authentic restaurants, making food from India, China, Japan, Europe, and the U.S. more than readily available.

The greatest tool to finding out solid information about almost anything is by word of mouth.  Maybe you are living with a host family, use this as a good conversation starter, practice Spanish and get to know the city while you are at it.  Another great way to get to know Buenos Aires is by keeping a little notepad with you at all times.  This way when you pass something you see interesting you can write down the exact address, it is nearly impossible such a big city to remember everything you see and exactly where you were.

If you still can’t find something that resembles home, then you can always cook your favorite meal.  Cooking is fun and is great reason to get together with other students learning Spanish and locals to share with them a little piece of you.