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Add-On Activities: What Else Can I Do In Buenos Aires?

Take a look at some of the activities we offer to complete your immersion experience in Buenos Aires!

Group Tango Class (US$15): A group tango class at a local dance studio.
Individual Tango Class (US$60): An individual tango class at a local dance studio.
Estancia Day (US$140): A trip to a local ranch to ride horses and eat a barbecue.
Wine Tasting (US$55): A wine tasting event featuring Argentine wine varieties.
Group Salsa Class (US$15): A group salsa class at a local dance studio.
Argentine Cooking Class (US$100): A cooking class to make typical Argentine dishes.
Photography Workshop (US$30): A photography class while exploring a neighborhood.
Bike Tour (US$35): A bike tour of one neighborhood of the city.
Fútbol Game (US$10): Play in a fútbol game with both Argentines and foreigners.
Tango Show (US$110): A traditional tango show with wine and dinner.
Graffiti Tour (US$30): A walking tour featuring the graffiti art of Buenos Aires.