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All You Need To Know About Immigration Office

If you are looking to update your visa, going to Colonia, Uruguay is a simple and fun trip to renew for another three months in Argentina. Many people take a ferry to Uruguay when their 3 months is almost up but there is another way (and technically the right way) to update your visa.

Going to the Immigrations office in Buenos Aires, called Dirección Nacional de Migraciones, is a good option if you’ve been to Uruguay already or if you want to save some pesos. I will tell you that it will not be as fun. You are guaranteed to have a long wait in line (don’t worry, there are seats and air conditioning) for a process that will only take about 10 minutes. But it’s doable and may be necessary!

I recently updated my visa this way and I can give you a step-by-step of what to do.

What to Bring With You:

A copy of your main passport page with all of your info
A copy of the passport page with the Argentina stamp you received upon entering the country
Your passport
$300 pesos
If for some reason you forgot a copy, you can make copies in the building for one peso per copy.

Arrive in the building and look for the Edificio N° 3 entrance. There will probably be a lot of people and multiple lines.
Go to the Biometría line. It should be the shortest line. If you want to ask to be sure, you can say: Necesito renovar mi visa de turista, cual es la fila que tengo que hacer? Wait in line. There, they will check the papers you brought with you and give you a number.
Take the number and go to Edificio N° 6.
Wait for your number to be called. You will be waiting in the K Section for Tramites No Mercosur.
Once your number is called, simply hand your documents to the person in charge. They will ask you for your address and barrio. Be prepared to answer. That’s it! Then they will tell you to go pay.
Go to the caja to pay with the $300 pesos ready. They will give you a receipt and you give the yellow copy to the person originally handling your passport.
Wait for your name to be called again. They will hand everything back to you and you’re done!

Altogether, I waited around 3 hours in total from the first line to receive my passport.

How to Get There:

Connect from the A, B, or D Line to the C Line or take the C directly to the last stop at Retiro. Walk along RAMOS MEJIA, JOSE MARIA, DR. toward ANTARTIDA ARGENTINA AV. Turn left and continue (approx. 5 minutes). Ojo for lots of people around the building.