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One of the most important things you can learn when you move down to Buenos Aires is getting a handle on the public transportation system here in the capital of Argentina.  The city has a sprawling and extensive network of busses and subways that make getting around pretty easy once you get the hang of it.  The municipal government of Buenos Aires heavily subsidizes the bus and subway fares, making it by far the most economical means of commuting in the city, whether it is to school, a show, or one of the many attractions of this amazing city. Although it might be a little intimidating at first for a gringo or extranjero, mastering the public transport system is a must.

After you obtain a SUBE card (the electronic card that the city government issues which is accepted at points of entry for the subte and bus), you will probably want to start planning some trips!

In the past, I would have recommended that you buy a pocket guide of the Guia T, sold at kioscos all across the city.  These pocket guides have all of the city’s bus routes laid out by barrio or neighborhood.

However, since we are in the digital age and with the widespread adoption of smartphone usage (especially among travelers here in Buenos Aires), I would recommend using the “Mapa Interactivo de Buenos Aires” or the Interactive Map of Buenos Aires created by the municipal government.

This map is a phenomenal tool and has been a life-saver for me many times during my time here so far.  The map allows you to quickly and easily enter the landmark or street address of where you are starting and where you want to go.  It then gives you the option of selecting directions via walking, biking, car, or public transport.

While all of these options are really great, the public transport option is simply outstanding.  It calculates for you the fastest routes via subway and bus to get around the city.  The website will also give you a bunch of different options, so you can figure out which works the best for you.

With this tool at hand, getting a grip on the sprawling public transport system here in Buenos Aires should be a breeze!

They also have a mobile version of their map which you can download for the homescreen of your smartphone device.