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If you are studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, be sure to take a break from your Expanish courses to catch Argentina’s Oscar winning film, “El Secreto de Sus Ojos” (The Secret in Their Eyes). Directed by Juan José Campanella, this film is one of only six Argentine films in 50 years to be nominated for an Academy Award, and the first win for Argentina since 1985. Argentina has submitted foreign language films to the Academy for review since 1961, and is the only Latin American country to have ever won an Academy Award!

Starring Ricardo Darin, one of Argentina’s most celebrated actors, ‘El Secreto de Sus Ojos,”  presents it’s audience with a dark and complex combination of complicated love story and dramatic police thriller, set in Buenos Aires in the late 90s. Darin’s character , a retired federal agent, investigates the past murder of a young woman in Buenos Aires. Throughout the film, flashbacks of the incident provide a snapshot of Argentina in the 1970s, a time period full of judicial corruption, eventually leading to the military junta of the 70s and 80s.

This film currently stands are Argentina’s second most popular movie in cinematic history, and was the most watched movie in theaters of 2009, making it the highest grossing film ever in Argentina. ‘El Secreto de Sus Ojos’ also took home the award for best Hispano-American film at this year’s Goya Awards, the Spanish equivalent of the American Academy Awards.

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