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As we are in the middle of summer here in Buenos Aires, you might be looking to get some good ice cream or helado as it is called here.  There are a variety of different stores and chains that sell ice cream here in Buenos Aires.  However, one stands above the rest as the epitome of gastronomical delight in the area of ice cream: Arkakao in Recoleta.

This ice cream parlor has the decor and look of an old fashioned establishment straight from Italy.  The serious foodie will not be disappointed.  The staff is extremely professional and takes pride in serving up the best ice cream possible.  For those concerned about the ingredients, Arkakao explicitly states that they avoid the use and will continue to avoid the use of artificial preservatives, sweeteners, etc in their ice cream.

Don´t be confused, however, when your read the names of the flavors on offer at Arkakao.  They actually offer authentic Italian gelato and, as such, the names are all in Italian.  The staff, however, is happy to help with any translation issues you might encounter.   I went on a recent Sunday after brunch and was simply astounded by the selection.  I ended up choosing a mix of coffee, fig, and frutas rojas or red berry ice cream.

The ice cream is made fresh daily.  Many ingredients are shipped directly from Italy to the store here in Buenos Aires.  I highly recommend checking out Arkakao for an unforgettable ice cream experience!

Important Information:

Address: Arkakao, Quintana 188

Directions from Expanish: Take the 111 bus to Santa Fe Ave. and walk.