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We can all agree that Buenos Aires celebrates all forms of art and culture around the city in all sorts of way, including concerts, theatre, art shows, exhibitions, festivals, and more, and every year this list of events gets bigger and better. This May and the kickoff to the winter season, true to form, Buenos Aires will be featuring ArteBA Contemporary Art Fair, a great way for Spanish students in Argentina to get a taste of art from both local and Latin American art in one great fair.

ArteBA will be offering the public the change to experience one of the most important art exhibits of its kind, displaying some of Latin America’s best art and collector’s pieces. Somewhere around 800 Latin American artists will be showing off their work here, artists from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Columbia, United States, and Spain, a mix of both well-known artists and newcomers from the scene. The works from this fair will differ significantly in colors, styles, textiles, methods, and eras, featuring everything from classic and modern art to new age, outside of the lines, art.

A certain amount of selected artists in this exhibit will have the opportunity to win 10,000 pesos in the Petrobras Prize for the Visual Arts; besides this, a series of special art conferences, artist stands, art features, and presentations will also be featured during the 4 fair days.

This Art exhibit will be displayed at La Rural Exhibition Centre, Av.Sarmiento 2704, from May 22-26, 2009. General entrance is AR$25; American Express holders, 2 for 1, and Student Entrance, AR$15.