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Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires are able to enjoy the many innovative restaurants, bar, and night clubs located throughout the city in any given moment. However, the Library Lounge in the Faena Hotel may be the only place to combine the stature of a world class hotel with the smoky allure of a New York motel, Argentine culture with that of Cabaret, and the colors of a red light district with that of an upper class cocktail bar.

This unique hotel was designed by French architect Philippe Starck and Argentine fashion magnate Alan Faena about 7 years ago. Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires cannot miss the red brick, red lights, and red carpet that make it stand out among its many neighbors in Puerto Madero.Spanish immersion students in Expanish need only enter through its long black doors and take a few steps to the room labeled Library Lounge.

The room is lined with 40´s leather lounge couches, satin pillows, antique lamps, and velvet curtains. The dark mahogany bar lines the back wall, situated behind the room’s impressive black grand piano, and under the watchful eyes of the jewel wearing hunting paraphernalia. Any student studying Spanish in Buenos Aires will agree that this room has more character than any other lounge in the city.

Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires can head to the Library Lounge any night out of the week, however, show nights take place from Wednesday until Saturday and should not be missed. Each show is spectacularly unique, hosts first class singers and musicians, and the performance aims to please. This is a great way for Spanish immersion students in Buenos Aires to practice their Spanish while listening to the exotic live music, narrated intermissions, or simply socializing with others.

Besides taking in a show, students studying Spanish Buenos Aires must try one of their many innovative cocktails and appetizers. Spanish immersion in Buenos Aires could not be complete without trying some of Latin America’s signature drinks such as the caipirinha, caipiroska, or Argentina’s Fernet and coke.

Shows in the Library Lounge often cost 70 pesos, and individual drinks around 30 pesos; this may be more than what students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires are used to paying, however it is more than worth it and the experience will be priceless .

Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires can rest easy that their trip to the Faena Hotel’s Library Room will be like no other library trip they have ever experienced.

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