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La Boca is a lively working class neighborhood in the southeast section of Buenos Aires. Located on the bank of the Riachuelo, La Boca contains many warehouses and meat packing facilitites that service the city. However, what La Boca is most prominently know for is the Caminito and La Bombonera. Named for the famous tango, Caminito is a multi-hued pedestrian street with many street vendors, artisans, and tango performers. La Bombonera, which holds over 57,000 fans, is the energetic home of the famous Argentine club, Boca Juniors. The stadium is located a few blocks from Caminito and was inaugurated on May 25th 1940.



Tourists are advised to visit La boca during daylight or stick to the area around La Bombonera and Caminito.