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Having settled comfortably into my daily routine of studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, this week saw a spanner of abnormally large proportions thrown headlong into my highly polished works, and in quite the sneakiest of fashions. This was because last Monday played host to the national holiday El Día de la Raza or Columbus Day, which is a celebration of the day that Christopher Columbus himself arrived in the Americas. This meant that all of Argentina, including us at Expanish, had an extra long weekend to relax or in some cases, party that little bit harder. However, this meant that for the following days of the week, classes began at 8 o’clock in the morning to compensate for the hours of time we had missed on Monday. Undeniably a sensible idea, but when you have as turbulent a relationship with your alarm clock as I do, I began to wonder how many days it would be before I lost the plot and it ticked it’s last subsequent to my sending it sailing firmly out of the 8th floor window . I did however manage to make it into “nearly” on time to “most” classes and actually once at school, all began to get better very quickly. The earlier start also meant that getting into school was made more pleasant due to the moderately less intense crush… when I say that of course, I mean that I was actually able to bang shoulders with those next to me as opposed to just being shrink wrapped into the carriage.

A huge highlight this week was an evening trip with some friends from Expanish to the show Fuerza Bruta (Brute Force). I’m not entirely sure the best way to describe this spectacle without either ruining the surprise of or just sounding like I can’t speak English, as it is impossible to describe. Think Cirque du Soleil meets interactive cinema meets euphoric rave and that might well be as close as you get. I would say it’s an absolute must to see if you’re fortunate enough to be here when it’s on. It will blow you away… quite literally, and be prepared to get wet!

Having had an early start every morning this week our teacher decided to treat us on Friday morning by taking us on a trip to the famous Café Tortoni for breakfast. This café is the oldest in Buenos Aires with a wonderful Parisian feel, waiters dressed in bow ties and cakes not even Bruce Bogtrotter could handle. My personal recommendation would be the submarino, hot chocolate made with an actual chocolate that you stir into hot milk. If you really do want a heart attack, there are also churros (The Spanish doughnut) and medialunas with dulce de leche amongst other treats. Should you manage to pay it a visit and leave without having to be carried off to hospital in a hyperglycemic coma, I recommend going early like we did to avoid the ever present queue and also other tourists as, as is the case with any place of notoriety, it has become a bit of a haven for them.

To see more at what you can get up to with Expanish, check my blog this time next week,