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If you are studying Spanish abroad in Buenos Aires and need to go to the doctor, the idea alone can seem confusing, scary, and just plain impossible. However, fear not, despite many doctors speaking English, the process of going to the doctor in Buenos Aires is totally painless.

If you need to go to the doctor in Buenos Aires, you should go to a private hospital. First of, like many other countries, walk-in clinics or small medical clinics are uncommon, most go to a regular hospital.  In a foreigner’s case, a private hospital is recommendable and will be covered by your international health insurance. Once you arrive at the private hospital, take a number and a seat, and if you prefer, request an English speaking doctor if it makes you feel more comfortable.

If you need to go to a specialist, you can ask one of our Expanish staff members for a contact number. You will have to make an appointment but you will often find an open spot within a week. Many clinics reside in old apartment buildings and therefore old apartments. Do not be put off by this, once you are inside it is another world!

Remember: Your insurance will cover any medical visits in a hospital. Check beforehand for specialists as it may not fall under regular coverage. More importantly, you must pay for the visit and afterwards send the receipts to your insurance provider in order to receive a refund.

Here is some vocabulary you may need when going to a doctor in Buenos Aires:

Cita/Turno: Appointment

Obra Social: Health Plan

Medico: Doctor

Credencial: Medical Insurance Card

Dinero: What they will want you to pay with!