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Attention foreign students studying Spanish in Argentina: The reciprocity fee, or entrance fee, for United States citizens has been raised to $140 US dollars. This raise in fee, which went into effect on June 4, 2010, is a direct result of the US government’s recent raise on the visa fee it charges Argentine citizens to enter the United States. This fee is equal to what an Argentine would pay to acquire a visa to visit the US.

While a nuisance, this fee will last 10 years, or the life of the passport. Argentina announced last year that it would begin charging visitors a fee if their countries of citizenship charge Argentine citizens to enter their countries. Hey, it’s only fair! This statement currently applies to students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires from the US, Canada and Australia. For now, Canadian and Australian fees have remained the same, at $70USD and $100USD, respectively. Unlike the US fee, the Australian and Canadian fees must be paid each time those citizens enter the country of Argentina. This fee is collected upon arrival at Ezeiza International Airport, and can be paid in US dollars, Argentina pesos, with credit cards, or travelers checks.

This fee should not come as a huge shock to US travelers or US students studying Spanish in South America, as Argentina is not the first country in the region to charge US citizens a fee upon entry.  Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil currently place a fee on visas and/or entry by air. To learn more about this fee and others, visit the US State Department’s website for country specific information.

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