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Argentina has something for everyone, mountains, deserts, beaches, wine regions and wonderful cities bursting with culture. Plus some of the world’s most impressive natural wonders. For example you cant visit Argentina without watching the whales in Puerto Madryn,  marvelling at the impressive Perito Moreno glaciar en El Calafate, or seeing the waterfalls at Iguazu.
For local Argentines however, these are places you visit only once in a lifetime, either because they are a little bit expensive or just because they are too far away…. So i hear you asking, where do Argentines spend the rest of their vacations? Expanish Spanish School Blog asked Expanish colleague Milva Santa Cruz to give us the inside scoop on where Argentines like to holiday.

Porteños do love their holidays, and almost every Porteño has a favorite holiday location… a place they go to every summer! Here is our roundup of Argentina’s top five of our favorite holiday destinations chosen by locals:

1)                 Mar del Plata: The undisputed n°1. Mar del Plata, the home of the Havanna alfajor, is the most popular beach city in Argentina. Described by many as “Buenos Aires with a beach”, Mar del Plata has lots of theaters, stores and one of the most popular Casinos. There you can visit the port and try the best fish in Buenos Aires, you can go to every theater show (because almost all of them are in Mar del Plata in summer) and you can even participate in TV shows, as many of them are broadcasted from the beach.

2)                 Córdoba: Our n° 2 is almost as popular as n° one. Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba main city, shares similarities with Mar del Plata in the amount of theater shows available in summer time, but they are very different on all other aspects. The landscape is completely different. In Córdoba, you find mountains, rivers and trees… It is a lovely place to visit. It is not just Villa Carlos Paz, you may have the opportunity to visit the many (more quiet) nearby villages with the most wonderful landscapes, such us Mina Clavero.

3)         Gualeguaychú: Located in Entre Rios, Gualeguaychú is the ideal place for young people who want to have fun. The highlights of this city are, of course, the Carnavales, where you dance with the different comparsas in nights full of music and colors. Of course, it is not the only reason for people to go there, Gualeguaychú also has lovely beaches by the river, where you can either relax or have fun (there always parties organized in some beaches).

4)                 Bariloche / Las Leñas: This is a typical destination for winter holidays but not for everyone, only people from middle/high class can afford this kind of holiday. It is ideal for adventurous people, those who like skiing and hiking. The landscape it really beautiful, as the cities are surrounded by mountains, lakes and snow…

We have a tradition here in Argentina regarding Bariloche. All the kids who graduate from high school go to Bariloche in their Viaje de Egresados (Graduation Trip). It is really fun, a great experience! Some of them just live in a permanent hang over (as for most, it is the first time they are away from their parents) and some take advantage of the excursions in such a lovely place.

5)                  Last but not least, the Costa Atlántica. This is my favorite, not because it is nicer or more fun, but just because of sentimental issues, and that is the case with almost every one who decides to go there every summer. La Costa Atlántica is a region made up of many little beach towns such as, San Clemente, Santa Teresita, Mar del Tuyú, Las Toninas, San Bernardo, etc. These places are very popular, because they are small and quiet and are the most affordable destinations to every Argentine. Many of us have been going there since we were kids, which is why we feel so attached to these places. There is not much to do in these places, a maximum of one or two cinemas o theaters in each town, a couple of discos (if any – depending on which town), but they are quiet and safe, the ideal place to go with little kids or when you just want to relax…