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A part of what makes visiting another country so interesting is the fact that every country has its very own unique culture, and more often that not, it is the very reason why we fall in love with them.  Argentina is no different, a country with a long history, a mix of landed immigrants, and a growing population of foreigners, this country has a diverse culture however, despite the country’s culture, its capital city, Buenos Aires, is said to have its very own version, unique only to the porteños.

What is a Porteño?

A porteño is a person from Buenos Aires, born and breed. The word porteño comes from the word ‘port’, as Buenos Aires is a port city.

What are porteños like?

Porteños are people from a big cosmopolitan city and therefore they have that big city attitude.
Porteños are fashionable; they come from European decent (parents and grandparents) and they enjoy keeping up on the latest fashion from Europe and they do not mind spending their pesos to keep up with the latest looks.
Porteños have fast moving lives (the big city and all) and so days are long and free time starts at 7pm-9pm, meaning that restaurants, movie theatres, shows, etc, get busy in the late night hours until the early morning hours.
Porteños love to eat out; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eating out and socializing is a part of their daily life and keeps their lives interesting.
Porteños love their dogs. There are more dogs in this city than you can imagine and they love their dogs enough to hire dogs walkers which take their pooch’s out for walks during the day when they are busy at work.
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