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This winter, Buenos Aires is featuring an art exhibition that will make your Spanish studies in Argentina, at least for only one day, seem very far away and the taste of Asia much closer. Japanese fashion designer and the creator of Kenzo perfume has opened a special art exhibition at the Lordi Arte Contemporaneo gallery in San Telmo and everyone is invited.

Kenzo Takada, born in Hemeji, Japan, began his career as a fashion designer in Paris, France, opening his own fashion store there and reaching almost instant international success shortly there after. His designs began with women’s clothing however in 1983 he launched his first men’s collection, also finding success, and then again in 1983 he launched his first women’s perfume, Kenzo de Kenzo. After designing a line of cosmetics and a men’s perfume line, Kenzo announced his retirement in 1999, only to be seen again as a decoration designer and artist in 2005, today featuring his designs in homes, business’s, and art gallery’s.

For the following months in Buenos Aires Kenzo’s show will feature paintings, sculptures, and a series of collages. Kenzo uses his extensive fashion past to create a series of art pieces that feature women, clothing scraps, fashion and seasons, and other creations linked to fashion. Spanish students can check out the ode Kenzo made to Buenos Aires, unique to this exhibit only; Kenzo has added a special painting that features a couple dancing the Tango with the famous Obelisk in the background.

You can find the Lordi Arte Contemporaneo gallery in San Telmo, Venezuela 617.

This exhibit will run until the July 10, 2009 and is open from Monday to Friday 11 am to 8 pm.