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When the New Year comes, people try to live this important day of the year in a different and unforgettable way. There are thousands of events from restaurant dinners to parties in different clubs.

So, what is there to do on New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires?

Some suggestions are:

Going out in New Year’s Eve is a tradition for many Argentines. Many restaurants will take advantage of this need and create a special menus for the occasion. Do not expect bargain prices, since many restaurants are closed there is a high demand, so the cost is a bit steep.

Here are the prices of the special menus offered for the occasion, from very luxurious restaurants where you leave your whole salary and celebrate with the most expensive wines, to some not so expensive where you can have a nice time with friends. Whatever you choose, remember to book in advance. *All prices in AR$ pesos.

Dinner with live show + PACHA
It is organized by Hostel Suites Florida (Florida 328), includes:
– Buffet dinner
– Live Band
– Ticket to Pacha (2:30 am and includes transfer)
Tel: 4325 0969
Price: about $150

Paraguay 4905, Palermo – Reservations: 4116-1923 / 4116-1923 –
Price: $80

Hotel Madero
Rosario Vera Penaloza 360, Dique 2, Puerto Madero Este – Reservations: 5776-7652 / 5776-7652 –
Price: $195 (children between 4 and 14 years U$S124).

InterContinental Buenos Aires
Moreno 809, Montserrat, Buenos Aires – Reservations: 4340-7201 / 4340-7201 –
Price: $ 680.

Astrid y Gastón
Lafinur 3222, Palermo – Reservations: 4802-2991 / 4802-2991 –
Price: $300

Nicaragua 5901, Palermo – Reservations: 4772-4160 / 4772-4160 –
Price: $190

Marcelo T. de Alvear 1368, Recoleta – Reservations: 5277-4600 / 5277-4600
Price: $ 295. Includes a soft drink, a bottle of wine every two people, a glass of champagne for the toast and desserts. There are special menu for the kids, at $148.

Sette Bacco
Agüero 2157 – Reservations: 4808-0021 / 4808-0021 –
Price: $ 475. Under 12, $165. And 10% discount for cash payment.

Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt Buenos Aires
Avenida Alvear 1661, Recoleta – Reservations: 5171-1352 / 5171-1352
Menus: $ 900, $ 1350, $ 1700

Yes, yes, yes Restaurant
Aime Paine 1320, Puerto Madero
Tel: 5353-3322/3321

Urondo Bar
Beauchef 1204
Price: $ 250

Venezuela 1534
Tel: 4115-8780
Price: $ 190

Lola Restaurant
Guido and Junin Recoleta.
Reservations: 4804-5959.
Price: $ 670

But as the night is young and you should kick off 2011 with a blast, you can continue your celebration attending one of the many parties that Buenos Aires has to offer:


Piso Compartido – Party
Friday 12/31
Place: Niceto Club (Buenos Aires)
Piso Comparitdo’s international party gathers 1000 people of all nationalities one night a month, where the languages are mixed to speak the language of the Party!
Price: (Advanced purchase) $40 in Niceto Vega 5510 (Monday to Friday from 12 to 18 hs) and

Circus 2011 – Get Out of the City
Friday 12/31

Place: Parque Santa Maria (Bella Vista) – Camino del Buen Ayre 18.7
Thr3shold, Javier Bussola, Juan Pablo Sgalia, Marcelo Fratini, Luis Callegari, Seven Eleven, Mauro García & S. Berté, Pam Arezzi, Bevilacqua & Lucien Douglas Moreira Lozz will perform at the outdoor party Get Out of the City.
Time: 01:00
Price: $ 70 Third Eye (Av Santa Fe 1670, gal. Bond Street) or

Super Party El Emergente
Friday 12/31
Place: M. Niceto Vega 5699, corner Bonpland – Palermo Hollywood
Live music, dancing, shows, games, surprises, artistic interventions, and the best music:
FREE UNTIL 2:30 am (by list or with flyer)

Pacha Buenos Aires
Friday 12/31
Place: Pacha Buenos Aires
Av Costanera Norte and Pampa. Costanera Noirte
The Brazilian dj Carol Rios, Marcoz Paz, Matias Sundblad and Fran Percamilli welcomes the 2011 at Pacha Buenos Aires.

Cocoliche (Buenos Aires)
Friday 12/31
Time: 00.00
Place: Cocoliche
Performance of Pfirter and Udolph.

Club SDK (Party)
Friday 12/31
Time: 23.30
Place: Sudaca (Buenos Aires)
Pop, 80s, 90s, reggaeton and national music.


Miločer Bar (Bar)
Friday 12/31
Miločer Bar & Terrace (City of Buenos Aires)
Dance music, rock & pop, 80s, 90s and funny music

Jazz & Pop (concert)
Friday 12/31
Place: Jazz & Pop (Buenos Aires)
After the toast, the traditional New Year’s Jam Session. Admission is free.

I hope that whatever choice you make, you have a great time celebrating and a very  happy New Year!!