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After the 2001 economic crisis in Argentina, the value of the peso dropped significantly and the country became one of the cheapest places to live, study, or travel in Latin America. Since then, Argentina has managed to ‘pull its socks back up’ and the economy continues to gain strength, as does the confidence of the people. Prices have seen significant increases since the days when 100 pesos could buy you a week of traveling, however, are still very affordable to foreign currencies, a factor that keeps foreigners returning year after year.

If you are studying Spanish in Buenos Aires and looking to live the good life but on only a few pesos, here is how to do it:

How to live and study in Buenos Aires on less than $100 pesos a day!

Forget that starbucks, head to one of the corner side cafes and grab a coffee with milk, plus three medialunas (buttery croissants) for a total of $7.50.
Leave the taxi behind and grab a comfortable seat on the subway or bus for only $1.10 to get to your Spanish classes at Expanish.
Hungry again? Snack on a miga sandwich, 2 for $4.50 at one of the many bakeries right around the corner from Expanish.
Take a trip to the Recoleta Cemetery (free of charge) or walk downtown to do some sight seeing.
Lunch: Make a special trip to the very Argentine Bar Federal (Perú, corner of Carlos Calvo), located in San Telmo. Order a choripan sandwich ( a delicious steak sandwich) with a cold one litre beer (best to be shared) for only 15-20 pesos.
Head down to the Malba Museum after San Telmo to take in some very contemporary art. Entrance fee: 15 pesos
You have had a long day, so go home and take a siesta for a few hours…
Tonight, head out to dine at the delicious Club Eros (Uriarte 1609), located in Palermo. A bife de chorizo (beef steak), papas fritas (french fries), ensalada completa (salad with 4-5 toppings), and a bottle of wine, shared between two people as the portions are enormous, will cost you only 40 pesos each.
Ok, so with all this, you have about 10-15 pesos left… what to do? Could be a taxi home? Could be the entrance to a music show, like at Thelonious Jazz Bar in Palermo. Or perhaps, a coffee and desert? A world famous Argentine-Italian icecream?
A fantastic day of sights, travels, and food, can cost you less than 100 pesos a day in Argentina… Where else in the world will you find such a cosmopolitan city with such affordable prices!

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