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My story is not a unique one, in fact, since being in Buenos Aires (it’s been two months now) I have met many a BA expat with a similar tale. On a career break from my job in London, I decided to broaden my horizons and travel around South America for 6 months, starting in Colombia and finishing up in Buenos Aires. The plan was to return home to London in time for Christmas. Everything was going to plan until I arrived in Buenos Aires.

After a few days of exploring the city, treading the well known tourist trail, I began to realise that Buenos Aires was going to be more than just a week stop off for me.

The first thing that really struck me was the city’s similarities to some of the European cities I know so well, Madrid, Paris and London to name a few. Mix in with that  3 million plus passionate and very welcoming Porteños, combined with a  bit of latino spirit, an edginess that you don’t see in Europe, and last but by no means least, some of the best food and wine i’ve tasted. Anywhere.

So I set about making a list. Reasons to stay in BA vs reasons to return to London. I won’t bore you with the latter but needless to say it included friends and family, job etc. Here’s a snapshot of what the other side said.


Restaurants, food markets, steak, pizza,  empanadas. BA delivers on all fronts, some of my best food experiences have been asados (Hurlingham polo was a favourite). Restaurants that shouldn’t be missed include Dada’s (Microcentre), Desnivel and Parilla del Plata (San Telmo). Pizza from Snr Telmo is also great. Nice and crispy.

Ice Cream

Ok so this should probably be included under food but since being in BA I have developed such an unhealthy addiction to Freddo’s that it has to have it’s own category!

San Telmo

I love my new neighborhood, full of beautiful (crumbling) old buildings, cobbled streets, antiques markets and Freddo’s (see above)


I’ve really enjoyed doing regular Bootcamp sessions in Puerto Madero. A great way to get outside, excercise and meet people


I am determined to master my Spanish and BA is the perfect place to do it. Although the accent is a Little tough at first, Poteños willingness to correct you is a blessing in disguise


I love riding back home and horses tend to feature quite high on lists of things to do in Argentina, lapping up the sunshine while watching the Polo at Hurlingham,  going to the races or visiting the Gaucho festival in San Antonio de Areco.

So, needless to say, my ‘reasons to stay’ list grew (and continues to grow) and after a week in Buenos Aires my mind was made up and I decided that a life here was a far more attractive prospect than returning to London in the midst of one of the coldest winters on record.