Are you considering volunteering in Argentina during your Spanish language trip?

A volunteer program abroad is an unforgettable experience and we recommend it to all those who have the time and budget to do so.  Apart from helping those in need, there are also some great benefits to volunteering. Take a look at some top benefits of donating your time.


Experience a Lesser-Seen Part of the City

Tourists visiting Buenos Aires often head to Plaza de Mayo and the famous Recoleta Cemetery, but rarely have the chance to help local children affected by HIV/AIDS or teach a yoga class to senior citizens at a community center.  Volunteers see a more intimate side of Buenos Aires and it will help you understand better the culture and have a more immersive, less superficial, experience.

Your Spanish Language Skills Will Kill

It is rarely possible to speak English or other languages while doing a volunteering in Argentina.  Only Spanish is spoken in most of the communities where we send our volunteers. This is the perfect immersion experience and helps students avoid the pitfalls of using English and other languages after Spanish class has ended. 

Make Life-Long Connections

Working alongside other volunteers and local community members will help create life-long friendships and have lasting effects on those you help.  Many volunteers maintain contact with the nonprofit they work with, acting as advocates for the work in their home country, and some even return to the volunteer site during their next visit to Buenos Aires.

Gain Skills and Experience for the Future

Volunteering is a great way to learn skills and gain experience in the nonprofit sector.  Whether a volunteer is looking to find related work in the future or just have international work experience, future employers and universities love to see volunteer work on the CV of their applicants.

Volunteering in Argentina

My advice for volunteering in Argentina?  If you have the time and your budget permit, commit to the longest period possible.  While 2-week projects are worthwhile, a long-term program of 3 or 4 months will have the biggest impact both on the people you work with and on you, especially related to the 5 impacts listed above.

—Expanish Team


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