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In Buenos Aires, a city with a strong European flare, one has endless options of cafes to choose from on nearly every neighborhood corner. Whether you are stopping by in the morning for a quick coffee and a few croissants or are meeting friends in the afternoon for a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and a coca cola, you are sure to find a place of your liking. At our Spanish language school, located in downtown Buenos Aires, you will never find yourself without a multitude of cafes to choose from.

The oldest and most renowned café in Buenos Aires is called Café Tortoni. This French-inspired café was opened in the mid 1800’s in downtown Buenos Aires. To the present day, it has maintained its rich history and is visited every day by musicians, poets, intellectuals, tourists and locals alike. In the basement, you can see live musical performances and poetry readings during the week and fabulous tango shows on the weekends. Only a 10 minute walk from Expanish, Café Tortoni is an ideal spot to gather with friends after a day of taking Spanish classes!

If you are looking for a more low key café outside of busy downtown, there are many places with outdoor seating and even WIFI if you are looking to do some internet browsing over a coffee. In the relaxed neighborhood of Recoleta, La Rambla is one of the better kept secrets in all of Buenos Aires. It is hard to find a steak sandwich that compares to the ones served at La Rambla. Its quiet location and 24-hour convenience make its customers loyal and its food of higher quality.

Wherever you end up staying in Buenos Aires, you are sure to find an every day café to your liking. Now is a perfect time to do so while taking Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires. For more information about studying at Expanish, click here!