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Ready to take your spanish classes in Buenos Aires outside to a local hotpot in Buenos Aires?

Look no further, presenting CASABAR

Located in the sophisticated and very trendy neighbourhood of Recoleta, Casabar has set itself up in beautiful old mansion, added trendy decorations and a beautiful drink bar, creating the perfect atmosphere for a night our with friends.

One of the newer additions to the nightlife in Buenos Aires, Casabar knows how to do it right; the place serves up a delicious assortment of beverages, plus a happy hour every night of the week, and a delicious food menu to match. The owner of Casabar is American, adding a foreign feel to the bar with English music, foreigner regulars, and English television.  For sports lovers, the place offers a few big screen television screens to watch the big events, often filling to the brim with residents from the area, again both local and foreign.  The second floor can be served for VIP events or private parties and make for a great place to celebrate away from the crowd downstairs.  It has been voted Buenos Aires most fashionable bar and after only one visit, you will know why.

A Glimpse of the Menu:

Shared plate: Cured ham, salami, brie cheese, mozzarella, cooked ham, Roquefort

Main Plates:
Pizzas: Mozzarella, Margarita, House, BBQ chicken

Chicken Wings: Breaded, Spicy, Breaded & Spicy

Che’s Burger


The address: Rodriguez Pena 1150, Recoleta

The web address:

Check out Casabar tonight!