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Students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires~ This Sunday, August the 23rd, the Japanese Gardens will be celebrating the traditional festival ‘Dondoh Matsuri – The Fire Ceremony’. This is an ancient celebration has been celebrated in Japane for centuries and continues to be celebrated every year in various other countries around the world.

The Fire Ceremony celebrates the God of Fire who must wake up the God of Earth from his long winter sleep; it is said that the God of Fire warms up the earth so that life begins to grow again and that a protection is spread across the harvests. The ceremony also symbolizes the release of all bad omens and the then the welcoming of good ones for the year to come.

At the ceremony, there will be traditional dances and songs, Karate exhibitions, and various music shows including a drum performance. The Fire Ceremony itself will include the public receiving small wooden boards that will be hung on an iron tree in the Japanese Garden and burnt sending all prayers to the sky.

The wooden boards must be used as follows:
·    You must write your reflections of the past year and anything that disturbed you or that you felt to be negative in your life.
·    You then hang the board on the tree and think of what you have written while the board is burnt.

The Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires the second largest Japanese garden outside of Japan and truly offers a peaceful and spiritual way to relax amongst a beautiful outdoor garden.

Sunday Schedule:
12:30 – 13:50: ParaPara Workshop
14:45 – 15:15: Taiko (Japanese drum show)
15:30 – 16:00: Various dances and songs
17:30:  Burning of the boards