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Colonia del Sacramento is a city at the southwest coast of Uruguay facing Buenos Aires. It is one of the oldest towns in Uruguay and capital of the Colonia Department and also renowned for its historic quarter, a World Heritage Site.You can reach Colonia del Sacramento within an hour by boat from the harbor “Puerto Madero” of Buenos Aires. good to choose would be the first ferry around 8.30 am and for your tour home the latest around 20.30 pm. So what are the possibilities for this 12 hours day trip?

 The biggest attraction is of course the historic part of the town ”Barrio Histórico”. Here you can walk through picturesque and colonial-era looking streets. It offers an idea of what buildings in Buenos Aires might have looked like back in colonial times, before the city was successively modernized down the years. A couple of interesting historical sights in Colonia de Sacramento are the Calle de los Suspiros (street of the sighs), a beautiful little cobblestone street lined with colorful houses and Colonia’s trademark yellow lamps – and the historical city gate and walls.

On hot summer days is must to go to the beach “Playa Ferrando” , in a small bay only 15 minutes away from the city center with the scooter (you can hire them in the city). You can you lie down and get a little bit tanned or you take walk, even in the winter.

For the afternoon or the early evening is the lighthouse recommendable. You can climb up the stairs, but only one person after another, and enjoy the view to the full. It is the place to escape from the modern and hectic Buenos Aires and find some calmness in Colonia del Sacramento.

 Don´t forget your passport, its another country, and have a nice day!