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Expanish’s language school in Buenos Aires puts an important emphasis on cultural immersion. A city as large and eclectic as Buenos Aires can be daunting for non-native Spanish speakers. It is too easy to fall into foreigner comfort zones and miss out on the rich history and culture of this vibrant capital city. Studying Spanish at our language school in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, students are encouraged to participate in the community at large through activities, workshops and excursions, all organized by Expanish.

One important outlet for becoming immersed in Argentine culture is their passion for sport. It is an element of everyday life. Walking through a park on a Sunday afternoon you will see people carrying radios on their shoulders, hanging on every word of the soccer match broadcast. Argentina has 20 first-division soccer clubs and 8 are located right in Buenos Aires. River Plate and Boca Juniors are the most notable clubs world-wide, but each neighborhood has its own team of local heroes. Experiencing a live match at Boca Stadium surrounded by classmates, friends, and local fanatics is not only an educational immersion experience, but an unforgettable one as well.

While soccer is most definitely Argentina’s passion, tennis, golf, rugby, and polo all play an important role in the upper-crest of Argentine society. The International Open Tennis Tournament and the Polo Open take place in the city every year, and Argentines have won countless Davis Cups in the past. Argentina has a great sense of national pride, and portenos are known to worship their athletes who perform well on the international stage – most notably Argentine semi-god Diego Maradona.

Buenos Aires locals have a contagious passion for sport. Joining in on this aspect of Argentine life is a great way to become connected with city and culture. Our language school at Expanish provides weekly activities and workshops that encourage students to make these important connections with the community. Along with a dedication to academic quality, Expanish offers a total city, cultural and language immersion. Visit our website today, and customize your own Spanish immersion program in Buenos Aires!