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For those of you who are unaware, Argentina is home to some of the best meat in the world. Thats right, the world! In Buenos Aires, the most popular restaurants are without a doubt Parillas, which are the Argentine equivalent of steak houses. These steak houses are plentiful and cheap. After a week of Spanish classes, there is nothing like going to a good Parilla to eat a top of the line steak and drink world famous wine from the Patagonia region of Argentina!

Located in the center of Buenos Aires, our Spanish language school is located near some of the best steakhouses in town! Two of the best tasting and most economic Parillas in Buenos Aires are La Cabrera and Siga la Vaca. La Cabrera is located in the Palermo neighborhood, and is usually jam packed every night with both locals and tourists eager to eat some bife de lomo, which is the equivalent of tenderloin. At La Cabrera, you can get a huge tenderloin steak, a chorizo sausage, and a bottle of Malbec wine for rougly 15-20 US dollars! If you are looking to escape the trendy tourist aspects that go along with eating in Palermo, Siga la Vaca is a more tradationally local Parilla in the neighborhood of Puerto Madero. Here, you can try a T-Bone steak and more traditional dishes like blood sausage and goat cheese with fresh tomatoes without the heavy tourist crowds.

Going to Parillas is also a great way to learn Spanish! The waitors are for the most part patient and willing to teach visitors what they need to know about Argentine meat. Not to mention, it is great speaking practice and is deliciously fun!

Don´t miss this opportunity to study Spanish at Expanish and to try some of the best renowned meat in the world!