As the cultural capital of Latin America, Buenos Aires is a popular destination for Spanish immersion experiences. Recent college graduates and professionals alike are flocking to Argentina for these education Spanish programs. In today’s economic climate, people are seeking every advantage they can get in the increasingly globalized job markets. The education Spanish programs offered at Expanish’s language institute in Buenos Aires provide just that – a valuable language and cultural advantage.

Buenos Aires is a forward-looking city steeped in tradition. It is a hot-spot for international commerce and progressive ideologies, personified in Argentina’s woman president Cristina Kirchner. At the same time, however, Buenos Aires has maintained its charm as an historic and cultural capital. Every night on the cobblestone streets of Plaza Dorrego one can find tango being danced in its truest form to live music. In the surrounding neighborhoods, an eclectic mix of 18th century European architecture and more modern, innovative styles give the city a very real connection between past and present.

Studying Spanish abroad is as much about the cultural immersion as it is about learning the language. Because Buenos Aires is such a vibrant and culturally rich city, it is ideal location for an immersion experience. Education Spanish programs place an emphasis on learning the practical uses of a language. Our experienced teaching staff is comprised of native-Spanish speakers, qualified teachers of local colloquialisms and vernacular.

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