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As regular readers of Expanish Spanish School Blog will know, Expanish runs a weekly Spanish Cinema Club. Our Cinema Club offers students that opportunity to immerse themselves in Argentine and Spanish Culture, enjoy some great pieces of Spanish Language cinema, whilst also soaking up the language and the opportunity to discuss the film in Spanish at the end Watching Spanish movies is a great way to learn spanish and now its free for anyone in Buenos Aires to enjoy!

For those Spanish students who fancy watching a Spanish movie at home but are lost as to what film would work for their Spanish level, we’ve asked one of our Expanish teachers to give us some advice on good Spanish language films for people learning Spanish, with a particular focus on Argentine cinema.

For those who are starting their spanish studies we recomend “El Aura” and “La mujer sin cabeza”. The first one is a psychological thriller that received mostly positive reviews from critics upon its release, particularly for its screenplay and ambience. “El Aura” won the Silver Condor Price for Best Film and was the Argentine entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 78th Academy Awards. “La mujer sin cabeza”, also known as “La mujer rubia” is a psychological thriller art film written and directed by Lucrecia Martel. The plot revolves around Vero (short for Verónica), who hits something while driving on a deserted road and, not being sure if she has hit a person or an animal, she drives off and becomes increasingly mentally disturbed. Both films have a slow pace and simple dialogues for students who are becoming familiar with the Spanish language.

If you have already get more involved with spanish language, we recomend “Los Guantes Magicos” and “9 reinas”, movies with a little more difficulty thanks to the local jokes, but this challenge is worth it. “Los Guantes Magicos” tells the story about a taxy driver who decided to sell his car and start a new bussiness in the middle of an economic crisis. This is a good film so that you can have a look at the way of living of the common argentinian middle class. “9 reinas” is one of the favourite films in Argentina because of the cast that includes Ricardo Darin, a world class actor who has won many international prices. This is such an excellent film about slangs that shows great examples of “lunfardo”, the local vocabulary of Portenos.

And for the most advanced spanish speakers, it is time for you to learn all the local expressions watching “Pizza, Birra y Faso”, a film that has earned the critic`s respect and called the atention of everyone, giving the start to the New Argentine Cinema. The last film we would like to recomend is called “Garage Olimpo (desaparecidos)”, an argetinian-italian film about the hard times in Argentine during the oppressive military dictatorship, based on real stories. Critic Jonathan Hollander liked the directorial lead of Marco Bechis and wrote, “Garage Olimpo is the kind of valuable cultural product that symbolises political regeneration…himself a victim of the country’s regime – he was forced to leave Argentina in 1977, at the age of 20, for political reasons – director Marco Bechis has the necessary moral authority to make this film.”

Which one will you watch first?