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Living in the beef, pizza and empanada capital of South America, many complain of the lack of variety in local cuisine.  If you are looking to fulfill your ethnic food cravings, look no further.  Contrary to popular belief, Buenos Aires is filled with a wide selection of international foods.  Here are some of our favorite places to eat when we are in the need for some exotic flavors:

AFRICAN: El Buen Sabor Africano

Camargo 296, Villa Crespo

To get a taste from Cameroon, check out this Villa Crespo restaurant known for its big, bold flavors.  One of the only African restaurants in all of Argentina, you can listen to lively African beats while trying authentic dishes like fish in a peanut sauce or a Director General: fried plantains with chicken.


Thames 1101, Villa Crespo

The most highly rated restaurant on Argentina’s guide Guiaoleo, Sarkis customers flock for the wonderful service, cheap prices, and most important, great food.   Go with a big group and order lots of dishes to share, just make sure to get there early as they do not accept reservations.

INDIAN: Tandoor

Laprida 1293, Recoleta

Get some spices back in your diet and fill your tummy with Indian favorites like Dal, Chicken Tikka, Tikka Masala and our favorite, Garlic Naan.  The flavors might lack some kick, so make sure to ask for it extra picante (spicy). Tandoor also offers a delivery service to many areas in Recoleta, Palermo, Almagro and Villa Crespo.


Hipólito Yrigoyen 1390, Monserrat

With a huge Peruvian immigrant population, the city is filled with restaurants that offer traditional Peruvian favorites.  One of the best in the bunch is Chan Chan, serving a mean mixed ceviche.  Although the atmosphere lacks sophistication, the cheap good food will leave you happy.

MEXICAN: La Fábrica del Taco

Palermo Soho

Mexican street food has hit the streets of Palermo.  If you are looking for your mouth to suffer from Mexican salsas, look no further, la Fábrica del Taco has the solution.  Modeled after a Mexican taquería, the ambiance is delightfully tacky, filled with kitschy Mexican memorabilia and bright neon colors. Go for the Happy Hour and order a bucket of Corona’s or the Passion Fruit Margarita to wash down the tacos.


Libertador 4325, Las Cañitas

Burgers, ribs, coleslaw, Caesar salad – Kansas is all about upscale American food.  Walk in the restaurant, and you’ll immediately feel you are in the US.  Don’t miss the fantastic Happy Hour, from 4pm – 7:30pm every night.

CHINESE: Hong Kong Style

Even though this city is filled with restaurantes chinos the majority are actually owned by Taiwanese immigrants.  Not only does this place serve Chinese dishes like kung pao chicken and shrimp fried noodles, but it is the only place in the country to eat dim sum.


Pasco 740, Congreso

The sushi trend came to Buenos Aires a few years back and has been going strong ever since.  Many people who yearn for authentic Japanese food are utterly disappointed by the quality of the fish and the excessive amounts of cream cheese.  Luckily, Yuki is the real deal and a favorite for those who are looking to eat traditional Japanese food.  Make sure to call a reserve in advance.


Even though this city has a large Korean population, many restaurants are located in Koreatown (Flores) which is considered a dangerous neighborhood.  The only place to get Korean food outside of this area is at BiWon.  Order the bimbimbop and grilled pork, and be pleasantly surprised with the kimchee and dozens of side dishes.