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Viernes. Also known as ´Medialuna Day´ here at Expanish. It doesn’t take long for our platter of Alementari medialunas to vanish without a trace every Friday morning. The glossy, gooey, melt in the mouth, crescent shaped dough treats are pretty much irresistible to anyone who tries them. And with Argentine national newspape, La Nacion releasing its top ten medialuna chart today, Expanish Blog has decided to dedicate its Friday blog to the Argentine breakfast staple.

Medialunas, translated literally as ´Half Moons´, are the Argentine version of the French croissant. A novice could mistake the medialuna for a smaller slightly stodgier version of the croissant, and they wouldn’t be far off, but as many an Argentine will tell you, there is far more to the medialuna than meets the eye.

First of all, they come in two broad categories …

De Manteca
A slightly chunkier, stodgier medialuna with a glossy glaze and (if made well) a squidgy, gooey inside. This is the sweeter of the two, and the Expanish blog medialuna of choice.

De Grasa
Thinner, with a crispy, flakey shell and a more savoury, salty taste

The Argentine nation´s love affair with medialunas is clear, with trays of moon shaped bundles of dough shining out from café windows all over Buenos Aires. But quality varies significantly dependent on where you buy them, whether from local café,  panaderia or even Mcdonalds. Which is why Expanish Blog is delighted to read La Nacion´s informative top ten medialunas articule, whilst being highly disappointed to see that its favorite medialuna supplier hasn’t been included.

Here is Expanish Blog´s take on its best and worst medialuna suppliers.

The Good

La Poesia, a lovely little café in the heart of San Telmo serves two medialunas and café con leche for 12 ARS, a great breakfast deal in a lovely setting

The Bad

Expanish Blog was very disappointed when it tried the medialunas at Martinez Coffee Shop, Argentina´s answer to Starbucks. Dry, tasteless and stodgy.

The Huge

Expanish blog spotted a giant medialuna in a panaderia on the way to work this morning. A little heavy for a morning snack.

The ´do it yourself´

If you fancy getting your hands doughy, try making your very own medialunas with this recipe medialuna recipe I or this one Medialuna recipe II

The Great

Alementari  delivers a platter of squidgy soft, crystallized treats to Expanish every Friday. A supplier to business across Buenos Aires Microcentre district, their medialunas are a cut above the rest