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And now for the next addition of ‘Expanish Meets…’ Now a monthly spot where Expanish Spanish School in Argentina gets to meet the people who make Buenos Aires the interesting, artistic and engaging metropolis that it is. Following on from our recent blog about Buenos Aire’s unique delivery culture  this month we spoke to Wither’s Davis, expat entrepreneur and founder of BA Delivery to asked him about his company and his life in Buenos Aires

Tell us a bit about BA Delivery (i.e service provided, where, how it works, etc)

Buenos Aires Delivery helps you find and order food in English or Spanish wherever you are in Buenos Aires. How it works: you type in an address, we tell you the restaurants that deliver to that location. You select cuisine type to specify your search and we’ll filter your results accordingly. When you find what you’re looking for, you can place your order online, free of charge. We also give you access to special deals and discounts, customer reviews and an excellent bilingual customer service team that tracks each order and makes sure you get exactly what you want.

Tell us a bit about how and why BA Delivery was founded?

One afternoon in the office a yanqui friend of mine (Todd) was trying to order empanadas from a local casa de empanadas.  One of our favorite types is the apio y nuez (celery and walnut) so we wanted them. My friend called and instead of saying ‘apio’ he said ‘a pido’ which greatly confused the poor person on the phone, who said ‘que?’.  Instead of trying to figure out what he said wrong, Todd just proceeded to talk louder as if the person didn’t hear what he was saying.  He kept repeating ‘apido! apido!’ basically yelling over the phone. The empanada place hung up on him.

We basically said ‘there has to be a better way’ and out of that idea we created what is now Buenos Aires Delivery.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you end up living in Buenos Aires?

I initially came to Argentina in 2006 for a month vacation.  I travelled all around the country, only staying 7 days in BA. In late 2008 I quit my job in consulting and started working for a startup. In January 2009 we decided to move our development team to Buenos Aires and down I came.  Eventually that company ran out of money so I started doing web design to make money.  I really loved (and still do) living here, and I had no intentions of leaving.

Where do you see BA Delivery in 2 years?

Great question.  I see BA Delivery becoming a dominant player in the food delivery business in Buenos Aires, and growing in other cities.

List your top 5 favourite restaurants in BA

1.  The parrilla not to be named in Las Canitas

2.  Sarkis

3.  La Cabrera

4.  The Office

5.  Shwarma at Medio Oriente on Fridays

List your top 5 favourite things about Buenos Aires

1.  The Weather

2.  Expats

3.  My Team at Work

4.  Asado

5.  The Nightlife

And your bottom 5…worst!

1.  Bad Customer Service

2.  Inflation

3.  The likelihood of getting ripped off by landlords

4.  Lack of a live music

5.  Not being close to friends/family back home

If you could give one piece of advice to newcomers to Buenos Aires, what would it be?

The key to long-term living in Buenos Aires is developing the ability to say ‘I can’t tonight.’  This city has so much to do that it is easy to get burned out and/or broke.

And lastly…we have to ask this. How is your Spanish?

Mas o menos.