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For students seeking full Latin immersion experiences in Argentina, the living situation can be significant. Many students find that living with an Argentine family provides a perfect outlet for practicing their Spanish and learning the local culture. Family homestays with Expanish in Buenos Aires give students the chance to activate what they have learned in class whilst engaging in the daily lifestyle and customs of a true porteño. Expanish offers the homestay accommodation option for students who want maximal interaction with local Argentines. At our language school in downtown Buenos Aires, Expanish students learn Spanish from an accredited and experienced teaching staff. At a homestay, students LIVE the Spanish they have learned.

Expanish only works with hospitable families who are well acquainted with Buenos Aires. These families are steeped in Argentine tradition, but also aware of the wants and needs of students traveling from all around the world. Although Expanish is selective to make sure the families will be accommodating for our students, they are indeed authentic Argentine families. Because of this, there is no one model family; students may live with a señora or a married couple with kids in college.

With the additional option to share family meals, students can really take advantage of every opportunity to learn Spanish. These important experiences activate what students have learned in class, and many find that it accelerates the immersion process. When studying a foreign language abroad, having an outlet to practice the language in everyday situations, as well as a liaison to the city, is priceless.

Expanish offers a variety of affordable immersion programs to students of all ages, skill levels and nationalities. Some desire a homestay to expedite their immersion process, while some choose shared housing. Visit the Expanish website and build your ideal Latin immersion program in Buenos Aires today!