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Expanish students are traveling to Uruguay this weekend to visit the enchanting town of Colonia del Sacramento and then, optionally, the country’s capital city of Montevideo.The ferry takes off for Colonia at 9 AM on Saturday, giving students the entire day to absorb the history of Uruguay’s oldest town.Upon arrival, we will embark on a historical and cultural tour around the city.Afterwards, students are encouraged to enjoy various optional activities, such as visiting museums, riding bicycles, renting mopeds or golf carts, and walking along the boardwalk.

First founded by the Portuguese in 1680, Colonia spent the next 150 years being juggled between Spain, Portugal, and ultimately Brazil.Colonia finally became a part of the independent country of Uruguay in 1828 as it remains today.This Uruguayan river front town is a hot-destination for Porteños as it makes for an interesting, yet relaxing weekend get-away.

Students itching for more may chose to continue on to Montevideo for an exciting yet non-porteño style Saturday night and culturally intriguing Sunday.What began as a minor settlement in the 18th century is now home to over 1,349,000 Italians, Spaniards, Africans, and more.These modern day “Montevideans” of the world are graced daily by the city’s architectural heritage and impressive art.Students will join a tour of this important and prosperous city to get a taste of the city’s rich history and culture.

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